About us

Blue Sky Schiphol Taxi specialised in the transport of people to different airports. We transport private and corporate customers to their holiday destinations. We provide Schiphol transport on demand (luxury car or small bus).

If you want to reach safely, comfortably and for the most affordable rates in a luxurious private taxi, choose Blue Sky Schiphol Taxi.

Many private and corporate customers prefer to be transported by a private taxi. One of the advantages is that a client coming from The Hague to Schiphol will reach the airport in at most 30 to 40 minutes. With us, your holiday starts at your doorstep and quality and service are our top priorities. Your luggage will be picked up from your doorstep to be presented to you on a trolley at the departure halls.

An outward journey from The Hague to Schiphol costs €72,-. A round trip cost € 139,-. We have dedicated to a full 100% that the driver collects you at the right time for you to catch your plane. After all satisfied customers will bring us more customers.