Schiphol Airport Action

The Schiphol Airport Promotion - We have a great promotion, especially for our regular customers. If you are a regular customer and you regularly book a taxi via our website, then this promotion is especially for you. This Schiphol Airport promotion is valid in the months of January, February and November for you as a regular customer. If you regularly go on holiday or on a business trip and book a taxi with Blue Sky Schipholtaxi via your account, you can take advantage of this special promotion.

If you want to be picked up and brought from Region 1, you will only receive a €5 discount on your total fare. Below you can see the conditions for eligibility for this Schiphol Airport Promotion.

The promotional conditions are:

✓ You must have created an account on our website. If you do not have an account yet, you must first create one. Click on this link to create an account.

✓ You must be picked up and brought from REGIO 1 to Schiphol Airport.

✓ You book a taxi for a maximum of 1 person (including 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage per person).

✓ You must be picked up and brought from 1 address in your place of residence, so not from multiple addresses.

✓ You must book a return trip.

✓ You must book your taxi online.

✓ You pay the total amount in advance with a Tikkie, which you will receive after you have placed your booking online.

✓ This promotion is only valid in the months of January, February and November. You must therefore be picked up and brought in these months. The outward and return journey must fall in these months. If 1 date falls into another month, your discount will expire and you will have to pay the normal rate, as stated on the website under the heading Schiphol-Airport rates.

This promotion is only valid for a return journey from Region 1 and is not valid for a single journey to or from Schiphol Airport.